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The relationship and association between demographic variable (educational qualification) and Emotional Intelligence.
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Mamta Bajpai, Shailendra k. Chaturvedi
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Bridge Center
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The importance of emotional intelligence is to realise and understand and deal with work related problems, to perform effectively; and to succeed in the work environment. On the other hand, employers in IT industry require their software professionals to be emotionally intelligent to serve clients in a better way and to create and maintain a lively work environment. They need to assess employees’ EI to facilitate their strategic human resource management decisions. Employers can also opt to reduce Software professionals’ occupational stress by enhancing their EI; this suggests that emotional intelligence is an important construct to be studied in relation to performance. Research suggests that job characteristics moderate the personality-performance relationship and are found to be directly linked with performance. The purpose of the study is to examine the association between emotional intelligence and demographic variable ‘Educational Qualification’ of the software professionals working in IT sector in India. Chi square test was used to examine the relationship between emotional intelligence and demographic variable educational qualification.
Keywords :
Emotions, Emotional Intelligence, Demographic Factor, Educational qualification

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