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The Use of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Albanian Banking Industry
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Lorena Liçenji
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and what they want through creating and exchanging values with others. In this paper we will not only consider marketing as a business function, but also as an organizational function that aims to create and maintain good relationships with consumers and stakeholders in order to be profitable for both the consumers and the organizations. The international market, but recently also the Albanian one, has changed and with it have changed the expectations and the behavior of consumers. As a result of the economic and technological challenges, companies are increasingly focusing on identifying and meeting the needs of consumers. Integrated marketing communication is being used by organizations as a valid technique for audience engagement and achievement of objectives, but in order to this technique achieve satisfactory results it will be necessary to be integrated with social responsibility marketing. The purpose of this paper is to analyze whether Albanian companies, in particular the banking sector, implement socially responsible marketing, the objectives that these companies aim to achieve through the use of social responsibility and to what extent this marketing technique affects the image and reputation of the Albanian banking sector. The hypothesis that we want to verify is that "Using CSR in the banking sector affects the creation of good image and competitive advantage". The methodology used for the implementation of the paper will be the analysis of primary and secondary data through qualitative research. The empirical studies analyzing social responsibility information have focused on the annual report, because it is considered as the most important tool used by companies to communicate with their public and stakeholders.
Keywords :
Corporate social responsibility, banking sector, reputation.

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