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Prevalence of hypertension among the offspring’s of hypertensive patients
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Ratindra Nath Mondal, Shah Md. Sarwer Jahan, Md. Mostofa Alam, Moni Rani, Anupom Das, Soma Pramanik, Md. Foyjul Islam, Md. Zakir Hossain, Beauty Saha, Amaresh Chandra Shaha, Ram B. Singh, Md. Atiqul Islam
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Bridge Center
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Background: Hypertension is a major public health problem now a days and this plays a major etiologic role in the development of IHD, stroke and renal failure. Like other developing countries, prevalence of hypertension is increasing in Bangladesh. Subjects and methods: This was a cross sectional study, carried out among the offspring’s of the hypertensive patient. Hypertension and Research Center Rangpur, Bangladesh was established on 14th November, 2008. This center serves only hypertensive patients and working enormously to generate awareness of hypertension. This center follows follow up schedule of JNC-7, (in uncontrolled hypertensive patient 3-4 weekly, in controlled hypertensive patient 3-6 monthly). When any patient do not come to follow up 3 months after the scheduled follow up date, he/she is declared as drop out from follow up and telephone call is given to know the cause of drop out. By this way, this center traced 200 patients who died between November, 2008 to December, 2013. Among these 200 patients 118 victim’s relative could respond for this study. All the families of these 118 victims were contacted individually to collect data from the son or daughters of the victim. Results: In this study we have studied a total of 198 people of both sexes. Male were found preponderance (81.8% vs 18.2%). Mean age of the study population was 36.58 years (SD±15.52). Among the 198 population screened for hypertension, 44 had hypertension, giving the prevalence rate of 22.22% and 55.1% (109) had pre-hypertension. If we take only adult population then the prevalence of hypertension increased to 23.15%. The prevalence of hypertension was more in male (81.8 %%) than female (18.21%). An upward trend in prevalence was observed with increase in age, particularly in male (18.18% in =29 in male and 50% in =70 years). In our study prevalence of hypertension were more in ex-smoker than smoker and non-smoker (26.1%, 23.2% and 21% respectively). But the prevalence of hypertension was higher in those who used to take SLT (27.8% vs 21.7%). Prevalence of hypertension was more in those who used to take added salt than who did not take added salt (30.3% vs 20.60%). Among the study population obesity (BMI =30 kg/M2) was found in 3.53%%. Prevalence of hypertension was more in obese than others. Conclusion: More than one fifth of the offspring’s of the hypertensive patients developed hypertension. Regular screening is important for earlier detection of hypertension in these people and caring of the risk factors may prevent development of hypertension.
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Offspring, Rangpur, Bangladesh

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