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Tax Evasion, Neglect/Avoidance and Its Socio-Economic Implications in Nigerian Economy
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Louisa N Amaechi, Okonta Paterick Onochie
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Bridge Center
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One of the major problems confronting the growth of the nation’s economy in Nigeria is the inability of a greater population of Nigerian citizen to pay tax or pay appropriately. Unlike Europe, America and some other advanced countries in the world, tax is paid as when due to enable their government to utilize it effectively for their development. Unfortunately, tax tends to be an optional exercise in Nigeria. Most citizens including some literates, semi-literate, illiterates, companies, industries and business people residing at a particular nation by the government for development. Tax evasion, neglect and Avoidance or Non-compliance to payment hinders the effective functioning of government such as the lack of provision of infrastructure, social amenity and insecurity, non-payment of workers salary, unemployment challenge and other social related issues. The paper therefore discussed the concept of tax, types of taxation, tax evasion, neglect and avoidance. It also discussed the need for tax payment, some areas of tax defaulters in Nigeria and the causes. The socio-economic implications of non-payment of taxes in Nigeria were highlighted. The paper recommends proper enlightenment campaign, provision of tax friendly environment/awareness and proper execution of legal action to the defaulters.
Keywords :
Tax Evasion, Socio-Economic, Economy, Neglect/Avoidance

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