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Attitudes of Medical Students towards English for Specific Purposes
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Isam El din Awad Babiker Ahmed
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This study was conducted to evaluate ESP programme for students studying medicine at two Sudanese universities. It focused on the problem related to weakness of the Sudanese medical students in these universities in communication skills with a specific focus on Medicine students. The study was important because it gave a great deal to the problems and the solutions to medical students for studying English skills. It also aimed at identifying the students’ needs for studying English language, investigating the language skills required by the ESP students at some Sudanese universities and linking students’ needs to English courses objectives. The study adopted the descriptive analytical approach. The study came to many results thus: the majority of the students of medicine in both universities do not have communicative skills for non-academic real life situations, even if they were aware of their needs of learning English. The study recommended that ESP should be taught from communicative real life situational base, on- going needs assessment should be conducted constantly, and English teachers should be trained to use communicative situational approach, putting into account using technology and multimedia in ESP classes.
Keywords :
Attitudes; EFL; Language learning; Medical students

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