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Competence Vis-à-vis Performance of Special Education Pre-Service Teachers
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Kim Francis R. Rodriguez, Ferdinand T. Abocejo
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Bridge Center
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This study determined the level of competence among special education pre-service teachers (PSTs) based on their competence as manifested during their actual school immersion. It also investigated how they perform inside the special education classroom setting and how it associates to CK and PCK. Forty-nine special education pre-service teachers from four different universities in Cebu City, Philippines were involved in the study. The PSTs level of competence was statistically measured using a performance appraisal. Findings revealed that special education pre-service teachers did not meet the minimum competence level in both CK and PCK. Meanwhile, they manifested excellent performance along the four areas teaching competencies. Their competence level did not statistically correlate with their level of performance. In conclusion, special education per-service teachers lack the competence in the discipline against established standards as espoused by Shulman in 1986. However, the skills acquired in their professional education and specialisation courses equipped them with the needed learnings to become effective performers during their student teaching exposures. PSTs’ competence, viewed from CK and PCK, has no bearing with their teaching performance. Even if a PST may not be highly competent, he/she may have high teaching performance and vice-versa. We recommend that education students must to be sufficiently exposed to theory and practice dimensions of special education to make them competent and performing teachers.
Keywords :
Competence, special education, pre-service teachers, content knowledge theory

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