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Planejar a Reforma de Uma Praça de Interação Social no Bairro Alfredo Nascimento na Cidade de Manaus
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João Leno Guimarães Batista, Glauber do Vale de Medeiros, José Claudio Moura Benevides
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Bridge Center
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The most varied public spaces are of great importance in a community, including for leisure, sport and culture purposes attracting children, youth, adults and the elderly. However, often the public power does not offer the adequate support for the maintenance and adequacy necessary to the public spaces, mainly in the security question to the users and adaptation to the people with special needs. In this way they become degraded and their use tends to get smaller, since the users themselves identify dangerous items that can cause harm to themselves and other users. We know that the play grounds, the woods, the squares, are very used in the districts of the city of Manaus. It is for simple diversion, and for the accomplishment of physical activities that currently receive special attention on the part of the population, in view of the great divulgations of the benefits reached to those who practice. Implantation of the project related to the renovation of Praça da Rua 17, Alfredo Nascimento neighborhood, in the city of Manaus, which aims to provide residents and visitors with a better space for physical activities, living and leisure. So that everyone can enjoy all the existing resources, while taking into consideration the issue of better safety and better hydration through the availability of collective watering facilities. The project counts on a modern architecture, implantation of the gym in the open air, playground, projected ramps of accessibility, painting of the existing spaces, installation of water fountain, installation of lights in led, among others.
Keywords :
Reform, accessibility, collective water fountain.

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