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Exploring EFL Teachers Attitudes towards Utilizing Corpora to Solve Collocation Learning Difficulties
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Ibrahim Alsafi Abduldafi, Abdalla Yassin Abdalla
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This paper aims to examine corpus utilization to solve collocation learning difficulties from teachers' perspective. To do this, the qualitative approach to data collection was adopted and then five Sudanese EFL teachers were selected to take part in the study. The subjects were interviewed, the data were collected and then linguistically analyzed by the researcher. Results of the interview confirmed that the participants showed positive attitudes towards employing corpora to solve collocation learning difficulties encountered by Sudanese undergraduates. Conversely, the results indicated that nearly all the participants do not practically use corpora in collocation teaching. Hence, it could be concluded that corpora are beneficial in language teaching and learning, especially collocations but more research need to be conducted on their practicality and teacher training on how to use them.
Keywords :
collocational awareness, qualitative knowledge, language proficiency, foreign language learning, contextualization, corpus.

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