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China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Security Challenges and Sequence of Processes of Domestic Resistance
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Rahat Shah, Shakir Hussain, Asif Rasheed
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the flagship project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which envisages economic growth and development in Pakistan. This corridor faces some challenges especially related to its security. The first and foremost security challenge it has is nonetheless related to the Indian factor due to multiple reasons. The question arises that what are the dominant causes and sequence of processes of domestic resistance to CPEC in Baluchistan and other key areas of conflict around the project? This paper argues that New Delhi has always supported the insurgent group in Balochistan to interrupt this key project mainly to counterbalance the growing influence of China and destabilize Pakistan’s economic growth. Previously India has been involved in various mysterious activities in Baluchistan such as supporting terrorist for killing and kidnapping of Pakistani and Chinese workers. Furthermore, the paper argues that weak domestic policies of Pakistan also encouraged and gave space to insurgent group to conduct such activities. Islamabad needs to strengthen the political Institutions and, should use the advanced method of intelligence gathering and sharing to secure CPEC.
Keywords :
CPEC, India’s response, Insurgency in Balochistan, Pak-China Relation, Belt and Road initiative

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