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Volume:  V Issue:  III Of  June,2017
The Effect of Short Story in EFL Classroom on Developing Intercultural Awareness
Abdelazeem Othman Mohmmed Ali, Mahmood Ali Ahmed

The Effect of Short Story in EFL Classroom on Developing Communicative Competence
Abdelazeem Othman Mohmmed Ali, Mahmood Ali Ahmed

Predicting Bankruptcy with Univariate Discriminant Analysis. Case of Albania
Eni Numani

Prostatic Alteration of Serum Levels of Carcino-Embryonic Antigen, Zinc and Selenium among Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Cancer of the Prostate
Meludu, S.C, Ezenwelu, V.I, Onah, C.E, Ekuma-Okereke, O

Required Minimum Shareholders’ Fund and Bank Performance: A Substantiation from the Nigerian Banking Sector
Felix Nwaolisa Echekoba, Patrick Kanayo Adigwe, Amalachukwu Chijindu Ananwude, Promise Arinze Osigwe

Patterns of Fast Food Consumption among Youth & Health Hazard
Shamaeen Noor

Quantitative analysis of phase precipitation of the magnesium alloy in dependence of various heat treatment processes
Edlira Prespa, Jorgaq Kacani, Ylli Shehu

Influence of Teachers’ Behavior in the Academic Performance as Perceived by the Students of Commonwealth High School
Denmarc Labongray, Lucero Trangia Jr., Marissa Bautista, Martino Salcedo, Leonard Manuevo

Acceptability of Radish (Raphanus sativus) Candy as Vitamin C Supplement
Mark Noel S. Graida, Marivic T. Villarosa, Melanie Joy G. Gugola, Lowela P. Margallo, Janice C. Jansol

Relationship between Attitude Factors and Academic Performance of the Students of Elpidio Quirino High School S. Y. 2016-2017
Mary Ann Jarmen J. Menor, Oliver A. Padecio, Christian H. Villegas, Vincent Jose C. Setinta, Amron Jane T. Regidor

Bacterial and hydrocarbons contamination in the water and bivalve (Corbicula fluminalis) of Shatt Al-Arab river, Iraq
Aseel Nadhim Kadhim Al-Salman

Challenges Encountered by Student Teachers in their Class Observation Classes
Rose Anne M. Falculan, Joyce Anne V. Razon, Joanah Andrea O. Fernando, Benigno M. Tindogan

Antibiotic susceptibility of multi drug resistant bacteria in pressure ulcers of long term care facility elderly residents
Reem Mohamed Sabry EL Bedewy

Development and learning standards in early childhood in Preschool education in Albania, challenges and expectations
Anjeza Vila

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