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Dr/Mr/Ms : Michele da Rocha Gomes, Antonio Estanislau Sanches, Edwilson Pordeus Campos, Claudenor de Souza Piedade, Siglianny Carneiro Galvão
Topic:-The Impacts on the Fauna and Flora of Igarapé Mindu Realities Told in the City of Manaus – AM
[ Environmental Engineer / UNINILTONLINS & Electrical and Work Safety Engineer/FASERRA, Internship Coordinator, Alliance in Technological Innovations and Social Actions – AITAS, Manaus, AM. Brazil; Doctor in Applications, Planning and Military Studies, Civil Engineer; Cartographer, Surveyor, Professor at Nilton Lins University. General Director of MUTUA-AM, Manaus, AM. Brazil; Environmental Engineer - Lutheran University of Brazil/ULBRA, Specialization in Urban and Rural Geoprocessing by Castelo Branco University, UCB/RJ; Master in Biotechnology and Natural Resources – UEA, Professor at the State Department of Education of Amazonas - SEDUC/AM, Second Secretary of at Alliance in Technological Innovations and Social Actions – AITAS, Member of the Geomatics research group in Civil Construction, Transport and Environment of State University of Amazonas - UEA / CNPQ. Manaus, AM.Brazil; Civil Engineer at Treasurer at Alliance in Technological Innovations and Social Actions, - AITAS, Member of the Geomati ]
The Research Paper is Original and Innovative. It is Peer-Reviewed.
Dr.Ecaterina Patrascu

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