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Geopolitical assessment policies, Iran and Turkey to Iraqi Kurdistan
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Mahtab Jafari, Mohsen Zamani
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Bridge Center
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Iraqi Kurdistan, part of the Kurdish areas of the Middle East is one that covers an area of 74,000 square kilometers of position more or less middle and center in the Kurdish areas in the periphery is, in other words the Iraqi Kurdistan as a link between Iranian Kurdistan, Kurdistan, Turkey and Syria is considered. The Kurdistan between the five governments in the Middle East, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Armenia and between the four of civilization and culture, between four plateau, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Anatolia and the Caucasus, and on a bus route between continental Asia, Europe and Africa was also the way research is descriptive - analytical attempt to understand the geopolitical policy of Iran, Turkey and Syria to Iraqi Kurdistan is the Kurdish nation.The results of this study indicate that the neighboring Kurdistan, Iranian Kurdistan has less problems, because its basically Aryan Kurds and the Iranians are proud to racial affinity. Turkey is currently the main and most strategic sense federalism in Iraqi Kurdistan, but the enemy has not only fundamentally improve and change the situation of Kurds opposed any threat to their security and stimulate it to create separatist Kurds in Turkey knows the mention on the part of Iraqi Kurdistan, has territorial claims. And Syria denies the Kurdish identity and politics the land they run and they refused to give citizenship and property.
Keywords :
Kurdish people in Iran, Syria, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan

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