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The economic effects of EU enlargement towards the Western Balkan. The case of Albania
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Edvana Tiri
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Bridge Center
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This paper aims to deal with the economic effects of EU enlargement towards the Western Balkan, the case of Albania. The economic integration is properly manifested as a very influential process in the contemporary economic context rapidly developing in a regional level. The phenomenon of regionalization is one of the most important characteristic of international economy. Today the European Union is a result of a process of integration and expansion and it has contributed in the stability, development and prosperity of the whole Europe, furthermore it also represents one of the most important phenomena that the European continent has experienced. If the initial integration process aimed at maintaining peace and eliminating a new war, later on there are identified many benefits from the expanded cooperation between the European countries. By creating a common market and the gradual alignment of policies, the Economic Member States aimed to promote the harmonious development of the economic activities, sustainable growth and balanced one, which means increasing the stability, standards of living and having closer relations between them. Thus, intensifying the cooperation between the member states of the European Communities has led to significant benefits, not only in terms of security, but also of prosperity.
Keywords :
integration, enlarlegement, western balkan, economic growth, market

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