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Schistosomiasis and hepatitis B co-infection
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Kamaladin Ahmed Salih, Yagoub Abdalla Abderahaman, Tawadod Hamza Abubaker, Abdulrahman Abdullahi Ishag
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Bridge Center
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Background: Schistosomiasis is a significant health problem in Sudan and other countries in Africa, Asia and South America, with an infection rate of one in 30 individuals. Data on Schistosomiasis, Hepatitis B virus (HBV) co-infection are scarce; however, there is a high prevalence in countries where schistosomiasis is endemic. As elimination of schistosomiasis and (HBV) is a global target, there is a need for supplementary tools, such as vaccination, to confer long-term prevention. Methods: A systematic search was performed in Sennar state (Sudan). The data was collected from 149 school student. In the period from 2013–2016, urine and blood analysis were done to test HBV and schist soma egg , master sheet containing these finding and personal data was performed, and analyzed by SPSS program. Results: The study showed that 13% were suffering schist soma infection 25% of them co infected with hepatitis B. On the other hand 11% of all cases had hepatitis B infection 29% of them with schist soma infection, in respect the correlation between them it is significant. Conclusion: It is clear this study is in line with universal studies in the field in that there were significant co infection between schist soma and hepatitis B, but there is controversy regarding the effects of HBV on schistosomiasis and vice versa. Vaccination might be a solution to the area of schistosomiasis.
Keywords :
Schistosomiasis, HBV, HCV, Hepatotropic, Vaccine, Adjuvant

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