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The Impact of Social Media Marketing on the Awareness and Revenue of Small Businesses: A Case Study on Small Businesses in West London
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Abhijit Ganguly
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Bridge Center
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Revolution of Social Media in today’s world has made the world closely connected, integrated and redefined the businesses in all shapes and sizes. This technological revolution has given businesses new hopes, aspirations and growth across the geographies. Many think that social media is only applicable to large businesses and not for small and medium size businesses. Small and medium size businesses often are not aggressive in their marketing campaign because of their limited target market. If small and medium size businesses want to succeed and generate more revenue for their business, they need to explore other strategies in addition to their traditional way of building awareness. Sometimes small and medium size business owners are close minded where it comes to the use of social media marketing because they think that they have limited buyers. What is very common to small and medium size business is that they just rely on their regular customers and local buyers for their products. Small and medium sized businesses rely on leaflets, promotional materials and other traditional adverts. Comparing the number of people using computers before and now, it has increased a lot and many people are hooked in their computers in long hours. Technology is already available and if businesses does not use it for their business, it will just be a wasted opportunity. The research is aimed at investigating the relevance of social media marketing in small and medium enterprises. Many people think that social media applies mostly on big businesses and the project will try to confirm from the respondents whether it can be possible for small businesses to use. Since the respondents are owners and managers of small businesses, they will be able to give a clear insight on whether it is applicable to small businesses to use and adopt it in their marketing planning and strategies.
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Social Media, Small & Medium sized Business, Technology, Planning and Strategies.

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