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The implications and Geo-Strategic Dimension of China – Pakistan Economic Corridor and its consequences and benefits overall
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Zia Ur Rahman, Tariq Aziz, Cai Hongbo, Liu Jianwe, Zhennai Yang
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Bridge Center
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Under the new One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, CPEC is the comprehensive measure and aspiring idea of the Chinese government to rebuild of prehistoric Silk Road. China start One Belt One Road project initiative, the first phase CPEC is anticipated to carry, harmony, opulence and prosperity in the regions is a whole and especially in south Asia. The CPEC consist of, railway tracks, oil pipe lines and routes. Which connect Kashghar, China northwest area to Pakistan Gwadar port in Arabian Sea through shortest route of only two thousand kilometers. However it consist several interior and exterior defies for both countries to appliance this billions-dollars task. Once this project is being fulfilled it will change the fortune of Pakistan. This Project will make also Pakistan to become develop, prosperous and advance in infrastructure and will boost the economic situation and international trade, local connectivity, overawed energy crunches, and will arise the person to person contacts between peoples in both nations. China has a great implication from CPEC as well, and reflects its a “leading project” due to CPEC they will get access via a shortest route to African, European and Middle Eastern countries. The international trade and markets of china will be robust and enhanced furthermore. This paper inspects the hurdles and challenges and also the benefits related to accomplishment of CPEC for both China and Pakistan. This paper investigates the background of the project that what it contains. Now a question arises what’s CPEC perspective? This paper will point out the impediments and challenges to this vital project and how will these countries handle it. China and Pakistan have to cope with that hurdles to completely understand the main aims of CPEC which is vital to the strategy of revitalizing ancient Silk Road, Founding the new one built one road for local, worldwide, business and trade association by building maritime routes, modern roads, energy, pipelines and much more grounded on by the idea of win-win situation.
Keywords :
Pakistan, China, Economic corridor, regional integration, geo-strategic dimension, Technical & Technological Cooperation, Infrastructure & development.

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