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A Study of Language Learning Beliefs and their Effects on the Language Learning Performance of ESL Learners
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Muhammad Arfan Lodhi, Shaharnaz Khattak, Zunaira Zafar
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Bridge Center
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Although in the field of ESL, learner centered approaches are advocated substantially, but on ground when we observe that every learner walks into the language classroom with his own beliefs about English language learning, the implication of this approach does not seem applicable. It seems to be an uphill task that students be made the centre of the class, especially in the Pakistani scenario. This is so because our education system is divided into two sectors i.e. private and public or government. This divide is not only an educational one, but also a social, psychological and economical one. Keeping the same in view, this study is aimed at identifying the beliefs of these learners about English language learning and then conducting a comparative analysis of the two tiers. For this purpose, an inventory BALLI by Horwitz (2013) was used, followed by an English language test. As a result, the students from private schools showed a strong ‘Language Learning Aptitude’ while those from public schools were seen to have more ‘Motivations and Expectations’. Contrary to both these trends, the public school students did not perform well in the written test, whereas, the private school students despite showing lesser degree of Language Learning Aptitude, scored better than their counterparts.
Keywords :
Beliefs, BALLI, English Language Learning in Pakistan, Foreign language learning beliefs, Individual differences

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