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Impact of Games on attaining Oral Competence among ESL learners at Elementary level
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Muhammad Arfan Lodhi, Saira Bano, Zunaira Zafar
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Bridge Center
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The study was carried out to know the effectiveness of using games in ESL class and further explored how games motivate and engage students to get oral proficiency skills. One of the most renowned games of English language office, U.S. State Department i.e. Activate was used to teach English language to 8th grade students for four weeks in experimental research design. 56 students were selected by using convenient sampling technique and divide them into two homogenous groups by using random sampling technique. Pre-test and post-test were conducted with four weeks intensive treatment of teaching through board games. The findings of the obtained data through tests and questionnaires revealed that there was significant improvement in the post-test grades of ESL students as compared to their performance in the pre-test. Games motivated students to learn quickly and also proved helpful in reducing anxiety and peer pressure. Data obtained from students and teachers further indicated that gamification can be used as effective teaching strategy in ESL classroom as it activated both parts of brain hemisphere and helped learners in constructing their knowledge and using it for interactional purpose as evidence given by Vygotsky’s ZPD activation and Dewey’s Spiral path scaffolding technique.
Keywords :
games, oral competence, ESL learners, elementary level

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