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Review Paper on Network Security Attacks and Defence
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Allysa Ashley M. Palaming
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Bridge Center
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It was also mentioned in the paper the properties of passive attacks as follows: (a) interception – the data passing through a network can be easily sniffed and thus attacking the confidentiality of the user, such as eavesdropping, "Man in the middle" attacks; (b) traffic analysis it attacks confidentiality, which include trace back on a network like a CRT radiation. In this report most of the basic information regarding network security will be outlined such as finding and closing vulnerabilities and preventing network attacks and also security measures currently being used. The perimeter defense works in an organization that harden the network security by using tools such as hiding the network behind a firewall, separating the network from an untrusted network. There was a thorough discussion on the different types of network security are as follows: the security by obscurity, the perimeter defense, and defense in depth. Network security is thus mainly focused on the data networks and on the devices which are used to link to the internet. The security by obscurity works on stealth approach. There are numerous advancements that are being made in the field of network security both in the field of hardware and software, it’s a continuous improvement between network security analyst and crackers and as the demand of internet shows no signs of decreasing its development. Today, everything is connected to internet from simple shopping to defense secrets as a result there is huge need of network security. As internet has become a huge part of the daily life, the need of network security has also increased exponentially from the last decade. Finally, network security is being improved in two fields namely hardware and security in the following ways: The hardware development in this field is not developing very rapidly as its software counterpart but nonetheless some amazing developments are being made such as using biometric systems and smartcards which can drastically reduce the number of unauthorized access. The software developments the software field is very wide when it comes to network security. Firewalls help preventing unauthorized network traffic through an unsecured network to a private network.
Keywords :
network security, attack, network management, wireless sensor, network

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