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Principles Underlying Assignment of Lessons: A Comprehensive Review
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Arturo G. Palaming, Maricel M. Palaming, Clarissa M. Palaming, Nor Adrian M. Palaming
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Bridge Center
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One of the imperative components in classroom administration is the task. It is by and large perceived as the most vital period of instructing learning exercises carried on outside the classroom. In many classes, the task is the boost of the learning action. At the end of the day, task is the understudy's cruising bearing towards the achievement of the coveted objective. When you discuss task, it alludes to a particular bit of work to be finished by the understudies under specific conditions and in certain ways. It might be an issue to be tackled, perusing to be done, subjects to be composed, inquiries to be replied, tasks to be brought through, and a practice to be performed, and so forth.
Keywords :
Assignment, Importance of Assignment, Benefits of Assignment, Kinds of Assignment, Bases of Assignment, Function of Assignment, Requisites of a Good Assignment

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