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General Theoretical Issues and Essence of Young Family Problems
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Kifayat Ahmadova
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Bridge Center
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It is stated in the article that, family, its structure, functions and etc. has always been the object of some sciences, as well as psychology, some ideas and assumptions have been worked out about it, but still there is no resolute position in this area. It is based that attitude towards family had always been changed, depended on economic development of society, ideological and political system, economic situation of the people, its traditions and customs. It is noted that various sciences approach differently to the problem. In psychological literature relationships between people have been analyzed in different aspects. There is a classification. The investigations of psychological literature shows that, the preparation of the youngsters to the family life begin in early stage, it is a multipurpose and complex process, which is covering all the round of life. When preparation is not correct and complete the final results may be a divorce.
Keywords :
family, parents, children, psychologist, community, husband-wife.

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