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Government and Collective Bargaining: A Focus on Pensioners in Imo state, Nigeria
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Opara, Oguchialu U., Eboh, Emmanuel A
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Bridge Center
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It is worrisome that collective bargaining agreement failure in the country is very rampant and glaring. The main root cause of its failure is fundamentally the character of the political leadership in the state. Observed, the neglect of the pensioners by the state government is in a desperate plight. These are senior citizens of the state that are being treated with levity, and scaring effects are indebtedness, economic insecurity, misery, poverty, hunger, sickness and untimely death. This scenario is as such, these senior citizens having being exploited and alienated. The study used an empirical research through “Focus Group Discussions’’ (FGD) that analyzed the desperate plight of the pensioners. Random sampling method was applied to select pensioner participants from the three senatorial political zones in Imo state, each from the local government area. Also, purposive sampling technique was used to select two employees still serving in the state civil service ministries/ parastatals, and one politician each from the five active political parties (APC, PDP, AD, UPP, and APGA) in the state that participated in Focus Group Discussions. The FGD elicited information from the participants on the state government neglect of the pensioners. Besides, the study applied account method to analyses the socio- economic consequences of the neglect, and some recommendations were made.
Keywords :
Government, Collective Bargaining, Pensioners, Character of Political Leadership, Political Leadership.

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