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Rice Estate Development as State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to Self Supporting for Food
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Amar Ma’ruf, Cik Zulia, Safruddin
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Bridge Center
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Rice has become the main staple food in Indonesia. In spite of a program for the diversification of food, demand for rice remains difficult unstoppable. The possibility of imports may continue to occur. That’s why programs need to increase rice production to achieve food security without imports. The increase in domestic rice production outline is done in two ways. First, the intensification of improving farming technologies, the extension is to expand agricultural land to increase production. For the creation of food security in a sustainable manner, the need for a special state that manages the cultivation of rice at a time to be partnering with rice farmers in Indonesia. Of course, the establishment of SOEs managers also oriented to the welfare of rice farmers. Therefore, affiliated with the ministry of agriculture as a key. SOEs could be soulution to the domestic demand for rice quota fulfilled even surplus, open a lot of jobs and spur the development of new technologies in the agricultural sector, have an enormous contribution to the clarification groove rice marketing. It took long-term strategy to build a broad-scale rice plantation under the management of SOEs. Provision of land and water resources so the strategy is essential.
Keywords :
SOEs, rice, self-supporting, food

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