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Despairing era and harsh suffering of Yemeni people in pre-independence depicting in Dammaj's novel "The Hostage"
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Ali Ahmed Mused Al- Subari
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Bridge Center
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The Hostage is probably the most well-known novel in Yemeni literature, written by Zaid Muteea Dammaj. This paper is to analyze the sufferings and the bad conditions of Yemeni people during the rule of Imam Yahiya and Ahmed. It also portrays the political corruptions, injustice, and exploitation of people to serve this family, so the writer focuses on difficult circumstances of people's life during that time. It is to expose the hidden malice of imam's regime to exploit and suppress those people who were longing for freedom and justice. Finally, this paper is to portray the main events of historical background in the pre-independence era and its influence on Yemeni people today. Therefore, the novel is considered the real picture of the malicious Imam and his descendants towards our country, Yemen.
Keywords :
Hostage, Imamate, Political Corruption, Pre-independence era, Harsh Suffering and Yemen

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