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The Participation of Hungarians in the Battle of Kosovo 1389
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Bedri Muhadri
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Bridge Center
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The Battle of Kosovo in 1389 occurred near the town of Pristina Territory, between the armies of Balkan coalition and the Ottoman was one of the most determined efforts of rulers in the Balkans, to stop the success of Ottoman expansion in the Balkans at the end of the century XIV. Large preparations by both sides for this battle, the large number of opposing armies, the historical trends of the battle, before and after it, have led to the Battle of Kosovo to bemore crucial part of medieval historical studies in the territory of antique Dardania- Kosovo. Given the common interest of protecting from the Ottomans, the Hungarians participation thanks to the resources of the time it appears indisputable. Ottoman sources, chronicle writers as Neshriu, Shukurrllahu Enver Uruçi, etc. Tursuni., are numerous and substantial, proving the role and influence of the Hungarians at the Battle of Kosovo 1389. Other Western provincial sources mention the Hungarian participation in 1389 battle of Kosovo. The Anonymity of Fiorentina mentions many great Hungarian army who were participants of the Battle. Also the Anonymous Catalan which should be written before the year 1402, speaks about the impact of large military chivalric Hungarian units that had in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.The historiograph sees the great interest of Hungarians in 1389, as an approach and opportunity that in case of victory of Balkan coalition to extend their power in Croatian lands. Thus the Hungarian kingdom has devoted special attention to the events that link with this battle. Supported by every aspect, the dokumentaryasweel as by developments on the ground, we understand the necessity of the participation of Hungarians in Kosovo Battle in 1389.
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Battle of Kosovo, Kosovo, Ottoman, Ottoman source, Ottoman chronicles, Milos Kopiliqi, Sultan Murad I, Lazarus Hrebelanoviq Balkans, Ahmad, Oruc, Demetrius Jonima, Gjergj Balsha I, Neshri, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Bosnians, Serbs, Arber.

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