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Issues in Management and their Remedies in Islamic Perspective
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Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Huma Ali, Noman Hassan
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Islam is a complete code of life; it guides us in every field weather politics, trade, business, education, science etc. It has been proved that foundations of many management concepts were laid by Islamic scholars. But still the modern organizations are following management principles of west. There is a dire need to spread the true Islamic teaching in an un-biased, moderate and practical manner that advocates the preaching of Islam and displays the real picture of the said religion with true colors. This study is an attempt to find remedies of some of the management issues (diversity, ethics and globalization) in Islamic perspective. Some verses of Holy Quran (English Version), sayings of Holly Prophet (PBUH) and journals on management issues have been taken into consideration to prepare this paper. This information will be useful for Muslim managers who wish to solve their managerial problems in efficient and effective way using Islamic guidelines.
Keywords :
Management Issues, Islamic Perspective, Diversity

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