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Effect of Organic NPK Fertilizer Dose and Coconut Water on the Growth and Yield of Pariah (Momordica Charantia L.)
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Deddy Wahyudin Purba, Surya Fazri, Amar Ma’ruf
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Bridge Center
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Research conducted in the Padang Sari Village, Tinggi Raja Subdistrict, Asahan District, Province North Sumatra. This research was conducted from February to April 2016. This study was conducted in randomized block design Factorial with 2 factors and three replications. The first factor is the organic NPK fertilizer (N) consists of three levels ie: N0: 0 g per crop (control), N1: 50 g per crop, and N2: 100 g per crop. The second factor is the giving of an old coconut water (K) consists of four levels ie: K1: 200 ml per plot (50 ml per polybag), K2: 400 ml per plot (200 ml per polybags). Results shown Organic NPK fertilizer give a significant effect on growth pariah crop, with the best organic NPK fertilizer treatment at doses of 50 gr per crop (241.50 cm). Giving old coconut water showed significant effect on growth pariah crop, the best treatment at a dose of 150 ml per plant (201.94 cm). The interaction between the application of Organic NPK fertilizers and old coconut water on the growth and production of Crop Paria (Momordica charantia L.) in polybags showed no significant effect on the observed parameters.
Keywords :
organic, NPK, coconut water, pariah

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