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Role of Services Marketing in Socioeconomic Development and Poverty Reduction in Dhaka City of Bangladesh
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Mohammad Zahedul Alam, AHM Yeaseen Chowdhury
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Bridge Center
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This research examines the interrelationships between services marketing, socio-economic development and poverty alleviation in Dhaka City. During the last one and half decades of socio-economic reforms in Dhaka city, rapid growth rate in the services sector has been recorded in terms of services activities, earnings, employment and contribution to GDP of the country. At present Growth depends on service sectors development and poverty reduction depends on growth. Dhaka City is chosen as the case study which has substantial levels of poverty although services sector have been developed for years. High officials of different NGOs and Government organization opined that most of the poverty alleviation campaign developed by NGOs and Govt are targeted to the rural areas. It has been observed that Bangladesh government and NGOs have taken initiatives for poverty alleviation, but most of the programs focused on rural poverty and only few of them focused on urban poverty. As Dhaka city is rapidly becoming a major hub of all services sector, it is worthwhile to examine the effects of this industry on poverty alleviation through the enhancement of the nation’s economy and the improved livelihoods of the people in the city areas. It has been observed that most of the services sector is targeted to the upper class people in the society. Slum living people opined that the expenditures on services are increasing day by day. The growth of formal services is increasing day by day, but there is no scope for poor or illiterate people to participate in these sectors. Although, informal services sector has been increased, but the poor still remain poor for long time. They opined that recently Government has taken initiatives to remove all manufacturing sectors from Dhaka City due to air population, water pollution, sound and soil population. On the other hand, there is shortage of agricultural land in Dhaka City. So the economy has been shifted to the services sector. It has been observed that services sector have impact on social and economic life of slum dwellers. But there is little relationship between services marketing and poverty reduction of slum living people in Dhaka City. Almost all investors are interested to invest in services sector.
Keywords :
Services Marketing, Services Economy, Socio-economic development, Poverty reduction, Dhaka City etc.

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