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School Attendance supports Mathematics Achievement of First and Other Generation Learners at Primary stage
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Prasamita Mohanty
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Mathematics as a school subject continues to be the tough most subject from primary to secondary/Sr. secondary level and a majority of students perform less in comparison to others school level subjects. Mathematics is the single most subject that affects gross academic achievement of learner. The survey results (from 1975/76 to 1984/85) published by NCERT (Dave, 1992) indicated that achievement of primary grade students in mathematics is excellent in class 1st and 2nd, good in 3rd, and poor in class 4th. In the light of above backdrop, attempt has been made to examine the mathematics achievement of primary children and comparing achievement level between first generation versus other generation learner is the real challenge for the researcher. The present study was carried out on subjects being drawn from Lakhmipur and Kheri districts of Uttar Pradesh. Findings of the study revealed that Mathematics achievement of a majority of first generation learners is found to be at Level-3(46-60%) in class 2nd, at Level-2 (36-45%) in class 3rd and at Level-3(46-60%) in class 4th; while in case of other generation learners (of a majority) Mathematics achievement is found to be at Level-5(75-90%) in classes 2nd to 4th. Other significant findings include other generation learners are found to be superior in mathematics than first generation learners and school attendance promotes achievement in mathematics among first and other generation learners.
Keywords :
school attendance, mathematics achievement, learners, primary stage

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