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Factors of External Information Search influencing the choice of destination tourism: A study conducted in Northern Region of India
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Santosh Pandey
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Every season many tourists visit various tourist destinations in north India. Some places are famous and have specific attractions for tourists to visit. However, some places are not very famous, despite of really interesting resources to attract tourists. This study analyzed tourists’ preferences and choices for tourist destinations, and the study also analysed the factors influencing external information search for the aforementioned purpose. The survey was distributed in a randomly to tourists. The identified population included 507 hundred male and female tourists. After collecting the data the results was analysed to understand what motivates tourists to travel options in northern region of India. This study sought to analyze key motivational factors that lead tourists to destinations in northern region and influence their external information search.
Keywords :
Tourists, Consumer Behaviour, Decision, External Information Search & Tourism Destination.

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