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Impact of dietary habits on overweight / obesity among school going children in Lucknow
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Annabel Akhlaq, B. D. Harpalani
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Bridge Center
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Background: India is witnessing the increasing cases of childhood obesity and overweight which is leading to various diseases later in life. The aim of the present research study was to determine the prevalence of overweight/obesity among school going children aged between 5 to18 in Lucknow and assess its association with dietary habits related behavioral factors. World Health Organization refers obesity as a global epidemic including children and adults. Unhealthy food habits as well as improper dietary pattern are risk factors for overweight and obesity in children. Objective: To study the association between dietary habits and the risk of overweight and obesity in school going children in Lucknow (Universe / population area), U.P., India. Research Methodology: 510 school going children (sample size) of the age group 5-18 years from government and private schools of the region were selected by purposive sampling method. Pre-designed and pre-tested questionnaire was used to elicit the dietary history. Height and weight were measured and BMI was calculated. Overweight and obesity were determined. Students who had BMI for age between 85Th and 95Th percentile of reference population were considered as overweight and BMI for age >95Th percentile of reference population were considered as obese. Results: There is an association between overweight & obesity and dietary habits. Prevalence of obesity is found to be 18.6% and that of overweight is 18.4% in the study group. Conclusion: The prevalence of obesity and overweight (BMI>85th Percentile) is significantly higher in school going children. Physical inactivity and increased intake of high calorie foods, junk foods, fast food and aerated drinks are the main causes for high prevalence of overweight and obesity.
Keywords :
Obesity; Overweight, Dietary Habits, Risk factors, Children.

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