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The Concept of Anarchy in Both Your Houses
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Sabah Atallah Diyaiy, Noor Khudaier Hassan
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Bridge Center
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During the 1930s, due to the Great Depression and First World War, American people witnessed poverty, diseases, bad economic and political aspects. Americans way of living turned into utter confusion. These events led to anarchy and oppression. American playwrights revealed the miserable reality in their plays. Committed playwrights conveyed a real picture where people suffered due to corruption. James Maxwell Anderson (1888-1959) dealt with the recurrent theme of anarchy in most of his plays. In his play Both Your Houses (1933) Anderson won the 1933 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for this work which represents the struggle of a heroic individual who confronts a corrupt system.
Keywords :
anarchy, corruption, greed, individualism, selfishness, romance, Maxwell Anderson.

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