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The Impacts of Job Satisfaction on Employee Turnover: A Case Study of Oman Air in Sultanate of Oman
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Van Dalluay, Revenio Jalagat, Adila Khamis Haidar Al Zadjali, Amer Al-Abdullah
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Bridge Center
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The main trust of this study is to investigate the impacts of job satisfaction on employee turnover with the chosen organization, Oman Air. Specifically, it will deal with job satisfaction factors such as general working conditions, general working conditions, pay and promotion, work relationships, use of skills and abilities and work activities in relation to job satisfaction and employee turnover. To achieve the research objective, this study utilized the descriptive research design that employed mainly the survey questionnaires to gather information. Utilizing the convenience sampling, a total of 100 were taken as samples with 100% retrieval rate. Based on the data collected, analysis were made with the use of frequencies and percentages, mean and standard for determining the demographic profile of respondents and impacts of the job satisfaction factors on employee job satisfaction. Correlation and Regression were applied in determining the significant relationships of the job satisfaction factors and employee job satisfaction as well as the relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover. Key findings revealed that positive significant correlation on the following factors on job satisfaction: pay and promotion, work relationships and the use of skills and abilities positively correlated to employee job satisfaction with R-values 0.451, 0.398, and 0.253 and are significant while negative correlation for work activities with -0.388 and significant at p=0.004<0.5 level of significance. But there is no relationship between the general working conditions as perceived by employees in Oman Air and employee job satisfaction as evidenced by its p-value of 0.080. Based on these findings conclusion and recommendations were made. The organization should take into major considerations on pay and promotion, work relationships and using the skills and abilities of employees through addressing these areas to ensure job satisfaction and less turnover. The company may institute programs and seminars that centers on these factors as evidenced by positive correlation and as the level increase, satisfaction level also increase.
Keywords :
Work Relationships, Pay and Promotion, General Working Conditions, Job Satisfaction, Employee Turnover

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