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Judicial Reforms through the Use of Technology in Malaysia
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Gan Chee Keong
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Technology has been widely used in courts of law in most jurisdictions around the world. Technology becomes an integral part of the legal system. It enhances access to justice, and dispensing quality as well as speedy justice. It allows justice to take place efficiently using the advanced technologies such as E-Filing System (EFS), Case Management System (CMS), Queue Management Systems (QMS), Court Recording and Transcribing System (CRT) and so on. This paper aims to analyses the judicial reforms that have been undertaken by the Malaysian judiciary through the use of technology. At the end, the result of the study shows that adoption of these technologies had improved the courts’ performance, and reduced the backlogs of cases.
Keywords :
Judicial reforms, Technology, E-courts system, Access to justice

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