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Prothrombin Time and Activated Partial Thromboplastine Time (PT & APTT) among Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, 2017
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Nahla Hassan Elhaj, Enaam Abdurahman Abdelgader
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Bridge Center
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Background: Diabetes mellitus is carbohydrate disorders characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from defect in insulin secretion, action, or classified into type I, type II, and Gestational diabetes. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus This diagnosis is given when women, who has never had diabetes before, gets diabetes or high blood sugar when she is pregnant 7 .GDM affect 2-10% of women during their pregnancy, it is important to recognize and monitor GDM closely due to the risk of adverse effects to the mother and fetus such as development of preeclampsia, necessity for cesarean section and it is associated risk of birth injures 4. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to measure and compare the range of Prothrombin time and activated partial Thromboplastin time in gestational diabetes mellitus and normal pregnant women according to the age, trimester and diabetes onset. Material and method: This were case control study conducted in Khartoum state (alsaudi hospital) in 2017 .it include 100 samples ,50 were gestational diabetes mellitus and 50 were normal pregnant women as control group .random blood glucose was estimated by biosystem, Prothrombin time and activated partial Thromboplastin are estimated by coagulometer. Result: PT and APTT were significantly lower in GDM patients compared to normal control group (P >0.05). PT and APTT were significantly lower in trimester 3 GDM patient. Conclusion: This study finding indicates that shorten time of PT and APTT in GDM developing thrombi embolism more than normal pregnant women.
Keywords :
gestational diabetes mellitus, normal pregnant women

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