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Investigating Awareness of Barriers that Hinder Oral Communicative Competence
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Alsadig Osman Mohammed, Mahmud Ali Ahmed
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This paper aims at investigating awareness of barriers that hinder oral communicative competence. The researcher has adopted the descriptive and analytical methods via questionnaire and observation as tools for gathering the data concerning this study. The sample of this study composed of (70) students studied English in the fourth year at Sudan university of Science and Technology and (50) teachers who responded to the questionnaire selected purposely from different Sudanese universities and colleges due to their experience in teaching oral communication. The data obtained from the observation and the questionnaire have been processed computationally with SSPS program to examine the correctness of the hypothesis of this study. The results from both tools have shown that students of EFL cannot use the appropriate vocabulary and grammar and cannot use suitable communication strategies related to the situation.
Keywords :
oral communicative competence, Sudanese English students

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