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Politics of Gender in Shahid Nadeem’s Selected Plays
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Sumaira Saleem, Salman Rafique, Hina Shaheen
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Women are expected to conform to myths and social expectations such as not answering back to husbands, not disobeying them, not complaining about them. Shahid Nadeem, in his plays, not only unfolds the cruelty of male chauvinistic society but also demonstrates the role and status of Pakistani women through vast range of characters. His characters are so genuine that they depict the realistic picture of society and highlight its repulsive and outrageous issues which put black mark on Pakistani society. The researcher, taking the three related concerns, patriarchy, role and status of women and construction and deconstruction of myths, argues about the degradation of women and degradation of nature in contemporary society. She argues, in the light of Nadeem’s plays, that there is only one path to liberation of women from the false traditional myths which is reconstruction or deconstruction of these myths. The researcher has made moral judgments about women comparing men of loose moral character retrieving from Shahid Nadeem’s selected plays.
Keywords :
Chauvinistic Society, Pakistani Society, Women Role & Status, Myths, Construction & Deconstruction of Myths

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