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A Stylistic Analysis of Shamsie’s Salt and Saffron
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Saima Khadam Hussin, Malik Haqnawaz Danish
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Bridge Center
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The aim of this study is to make a stylistic analysis of a novel entitled Salt and Saffron by Kamila Shamsie, it is one of the most significant novels with its insightful thoughts and incredible artistic quality it has exclusive description form, thoughtful emblematic meaning and social influence. The study of the data is done by qualitative and quantitative measures. The checklist devised by Leech and Short is followed as a framework. The analysis is done at two linguistic levels Lexical and Grammatical. It examines into the stylistic devices used by the writer to express her thoughts efficiently to his readers. The aim is to attain a profound perceptive of the association between form and subject. The findings are discussed in detail by drawing tables. A thorough analysis of the selected chapters of the novel has brought to our acquaintance a number of frequent lexical and grammatical patterns that generate an influence for which they are used. We find a wide use of common nouns, attributive, evaluative or referential adjectives, dynamic verbs, declarative sentences, Independent clauses and adverb clauses in the novel. The study also validates the research purpose. Resultantly, the present study designs, some remarkable pedagogical recommendations for further research.
Keywords :
Pride, family, eloped, servant

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