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The historical context of Peja’s economic development in 1973
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Kosovar Basha
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Bridge Center
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The purpose of our work is to treat in a scientific way the historical context of the economic development of Peja city and its suburbs in 1973. Kosovo’s economy specifically Peja’s after the Second World War started to rebuild in light of this country’s people. During the first days after World War II the nationalization of the scattering industrial objects started, most of which were mills, sawmills for wood refinement and roof tiles and bricks fabrics. The economic development of Kosovo immediately after the Second World War, for a very long time, was not able to fit into the dynamic growth of the whole Jugosllavia. The period between 1966 and 1970 marks the most stable and successful phase of Kosovo’s economic development. During this time there were two medium-term plans established for the development in the whole country. The Social Plan 1966-1970 and the Social Plan 1971-1975. Peja as part of Kosovo, grew economically after year 1970 particularly when fabrics opened and the development of this city increased to a great extent. The study is supported with unpublished documents which are offered to the reader for the first time. The unpublished archived materials in the Intercommunal Archive of Peja are put to use with proper caution and a great help was given from the relevant literature which tackled the problematic topic we are elaborating on.
Keywords :
Economy, Kosovo, Peja

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