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Comparative Toxicity of Some Insecticides against Brinjal Fruit Borer (Leucinodes Orbonalis), under Field
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Fida Hussain Magsi, Syed Ali Hyder Shah, Maqsood Ahmed Chandio, Muhammad Afzal Rohja, Zakir Ali Bhutto, Umair Qureshi, Abid Ali Soomro, Asrar Mohi-Ud-Din Kashmiri, Naveed Ali Channa
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Bridge Center
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The test on the toxicity of some chemicals against eggplant Leucinodes orbonalis under field was done at Kathor, Tehsil Bela, District Lasbela, Balochistan, amid kharif season 2015. The trial was composed in (RCBD) with five applications and four replications. "Dark beauty'' line was cultivated for this trial. A few insecticides at various applications viz., T1= Curacuron 50EC (Profenofos) 800ml/acre (standard), T2= Lorsban 40EC (Chlorpyrifos) 750ml/acre (standard), T3= Match (Lufenuron) 200ml/acre (standard), T4= Belt (Flubendiamide) 50ml/acre and T5= control was applied four times against brinjal (Leucinodes orbonalis). The data indicates that the mean per plant count of brinjal fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis) after first spray of a few insecticides (Treatments) were (5.7, 4.8, 4.19 and 3.87) though for the second spray, 5.72, 4.73, 4.15 and 3.79, for the third spray 5.71, 4.72, 4.19 and 3.97 and fourth treatments, the mean population were (5.68, 4.56, 4.19 and 3.8) separately, when equated with the control of a few chemicals spray (7.27, 7.34, 7.37 and 8). The ANOVA results after every spray indicated that, pest population of brinjal fruit borer on brinjal vary significantly at (P=>0.0000) with a few insecticides after 24hrs, 72hrs, 168hrs and 336hrs. Accordingly, in this trial there are numerous chemicals for brinjal fruit borer while our study means that the Belt 50ml/acre was find out to be the more successful to reduce the population of fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis) under field.
Keywords :
Toxicity, insecticides, Brinjal, Fruit borer, field condition.

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