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Managing Heritage Attractions of Village Kotheir –A Theoretical Approach
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Shaib Mohd
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Failure to facilitate conservation efforts and the absence of specified site management plans as well as pre-determined carrying capacity limits exacerbate the deterioration of this heritage site. History and structural reminisce of this site under study depicts the area’s exposure to outer world though what it seems now a geographically remote area. Site has been referred in the ancient sources like Nilmatapurana and Rajatarangini which in a way substantiates the historical importance of the area. No policy had been adopted for the sake of conserving cultural heritage of the area. And also no effort has been taken to enhance the role of cultural heritage for the development of the area. In order to hand over this outstanding heritage to the future generations, it is critical to break the current bottlenecks. To create a virtuous cycle for desirable heritage conservation, several issues should be considered. First, new financial resources should be secured. The most realistic resource under the circumstances would be tourism revenues which can grow significantly under due care and considerations. Village based tourism can sustain the manifold purposes, so it’s an endeavor to limelight the historical heritage of the area for tourism purposes.
Keywords :
Heritage, Tourism, Kotheir, conservation, Arpath, Papsudan tirtha, Kapatesvara.

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