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Mayotte under de Facto Sovereignty vs de Jure Sovereignty: The Franco-Comorian Territorial Dispute on Mayotte
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Abdallah Mourtadhoi
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Bridge Center
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Comorian sovereign territory in one side and French department territory in the other side, the island of Mayotte is a territory of double claims, creating the “original sin” of the territorial dispute between the Union of Comoros and the Republic of France. Since the independence of the archipelago of Comoros in 1975, the island of Mayotte has been separated from the other three islands of the archipelago by the misinterpretation of the referendum of self-determination of Comoros by France, its former colonial power. The global result of the referendum shows that the whole archipelago voted in favour of independence; but taking account island by island, only the island of Mayotte voted against independence. Consequently, France decides to grant partial independence to the archipelago – recognising the independence over the three islands that voted in favour of independence, while keeping Mayotte under her sovereignty – creating in this context a controversial situation in the customary international law of decolonisation and also a controversial status of the island of Mayotte when it comes to its sovereignty. Today the island of Mayotte is claimed by both Comoros and France. The purpose of this article is to study and address the Franco-Comorian conflict over Mayotte in order to help Mayotte gains full sovereignty. The main question here will be how to end the Franco-Comorian territorial dispute?
Keywords :
Colonisation, Dispute settlement, Independence, Self-determination, Sovereignty, Uti possidetis juris

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