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Need analysis in Business English: Course instructor perspective in identifying students’ needs
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Elsa Zela
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Bridge Center
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As a result of free trade economy and efforts to become a member of European Union, English language need and use in Albania has been growing continuously and has become the main foreign language for communication not only at the international but also national level, through the use of various business documents, agreements, reports, etc., which have been extensively used by economics graduates in their daily work. Higher education institutions in general and English language teaching in the faculties of economics at universities should respond to and reflect changes that are taking place in Albanian society in order to ensure that graduates face workplace needs for language and communication . Revised syllabuses should put more emphasis on the new skills that current students of economics need in order to be integrated into the labour market. Through semi-structured interviews administered to the course instructors teaching Business English (BE) to students of first year Bachelor at Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT), this study aims at identifying students’ needs for language and communication through course instructor’s perspective as well as some challenges faced in teaching Business English in Higher Education. The findings of this study will be the first input to be considered in the design of the Business English Language Program at the Faculty of Economics at AUT. The outcome of the research provides course designers and language instructors with insights into business English teaching related issues and is an essential input in BE syllabus design.
Keywords :
English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Needs analysis, Business English, Syllabus design.

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