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Study about Software used in Sign Language Recognition
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Awad Elkareem Mohamed Yousif, Omer Ibrahim Abdallah Alhaj
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Bridge Center
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The researcher conducted a statistical study using descriptive analytical method. He chose a simple random sample of graduates and some university students to answer the questionnaire. The data were then entered into the statistical program (spss) for analysis and conclusions. Where the study showed the lack of interest in the applications of people with special needs in general and sign language in particular, as well as lack of familiarity with the global applications available and the inability to obtain them. The study found that 95% of respondents said that the concerned colleges in the Sudanese universities did not contribute to the development of these systems and applications, and 36% of them are not interested in these applications. The study also found that (93%) of the respondents believe that the economic situation and conditions of people with special needs are behind the great ignorance and use of these software, and only (2%) of their smartphones contain applications in sign language. The study also showed the desire of some graduates to enter this field, as confirmed by (3%) of the sample, and only (4%) want to get those applications.
Keywords :
software, sign language recognition

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