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Neo-Humanism in Practice Stimulating Physico- psychic Environment: A Case Study of Neo-Humanist Schools
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Sunandita Bhowmik
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Bridge Center
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The present study deals with the physico-psychic environment of Neohumanist Schools. The teaching learning process of school creates proper physical culture. The entire curricular practice is re-oriented according to Neohumanism philosophy. The study also identifies different dimensions of Neohumanist Education whether developed among the students. Observation schedule, rating scale and semi- structured interview were used to collect the data. Three schools run on Neohumanism were selected randomly from three different districts of West Bengal, India. Different dimensions of Neohumanism prevail in the school were explored. The important aspects which have been identified are: cultivation of healthy habits, expression of positive emotions, maintaining harmony with others and with the self, service spirit,concept of rationality and positive inter-personal relationship. Socio-emotional development and development of mature moral structures are the unique features which have been reported in Neohumanist schools. Mature moral orientations are incorporated in curriculum which initiates the development of moral structure. The moral structure guides children to take mature moral decision. The study finds that harmony with self and harmony with others, universal love, sense of Omnipotent’s presence, service spirit, social welfare and desire for collective good are the main basis of moral development of children. The principles of harmony and universal love are embedded in curriculum both as content and as practice. The students avoid such actions and thoughts that cause harm to others even if these bring self pleasure.
Keywords :
Neohumanism, rationality, physico-psychic environment, harmony, emotional support.

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