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Web content filtration (WCF) Techniques across the Globe: A Review
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Saurabh Pandey, Harish Sharma
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Bridge Center
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Owing to the rapid change in technology, access of Internet is being common among all age groups across the globe but the accessed contents are associated with large amount of other unwanted material in different forms. These unwanted materials pose big challenges at personal and social levels. These unwanted materials are also a big challenge in terms of technical, legal and educational aspects. It is need of the hour to make information retrieval from the internet safe and credible (Willard, 2010). With the increase of obnoxious contents viz. violence, pornography, misconduct, mischief, suicide games etc. available on the internet, effective techniques and framework needed to inspect and block/ control unsolicited online content. An attempt has been made in present paper to review existing Web Content Filtration (WCF) techniques which are in practice around the world.
Keywords :
Filtration Techniques, Obscene Content, Web Content Filtration (WCF), Web Content category

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