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New Media Interventions at Open Universities in India
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Mayank Gaur, Rashmi Bohra
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
New Media has bridged the gap between teachers and learners in distance education. Distance education has shifted to new way of instructional delivery through new media technologies. In this study researcher examined the status of utilization of New Media Technologies in Indian Open Universities. Fifteen Indian Open Universities (IOUs) were studied including 14 State Open Universities and one National Open University. Researcher investigated New Media technologies of IOUs which consist of E-SLM, Audio Channel, Web Radio Channel, TV Broadcasting Channel, Web Based Video Channel, Social Media and Mobile Apps. It was found that 80% of IOUs are providing E-SLM, 33% of IOUs are telecasting learning support materials via Radio Channels. 53% of IOUs have own web Radio Channels. 27% of IOUs are broadcasting of study materials via TV Channels. 73% of Indian Open Universities have web based Video Channels (YouTube). 60% of IOUs are using Social Media platform for student learning support. 33% of IOUs have developed own Mobile Apps. Further it was observed that although more than 50% IOUs are using New Media technology but in order to make it more effective, IOs need to develop a strong system of distance education equipped with new media. This research provides a platform to find out the status of New Media adopting by IOUs.
Keywords :
Indian Open Universities (IOUs), New Media, E-Learning, Open Distance Learning (ODL).

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