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Historical Background on Marriage Contract Development in Albanian Legislation
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Blerina Dodaj, Ornela Kola
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Bridge Center
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The historical study of institutional rights are crucial regarding the progress been through years till the final ratification towards the modern legislations. The time related to this study is based on the first hint of the monogamy contract since 1929 until 2003. With the implementation of the Civil Code in 1929 during the governance of King Zog, not only the monogamy contract, but also other institutions got sanctioned, like other components related to the civil rights. During the communist regime, all the human rights suffer regression, consequently in the legislation of the monogamy contract; there is no footprint of the wealth administration. This period of relapse is for study purposes is deciphered as an adjournment of the spouses free will and rights to decide for their wealth harbor. Regardless the progresses achieved towards the democratization of human rights in 1991, certain elements such as monogamy contract, are still not introduced to this new legislation. The influence on this phenomenon are not only transit but they have a shown a stability of 12 years till the actual prearrangement of the Family Code of 2003 regarding the monogamy contract. Rigorously, during these intersections from a period to another, which some of them have distinctively different phases but still with mutual elements with each other, prioritizes the early appraisal and the revolution during these years of the monogamy contract in the Albanian legislation.
Keywords :
Marriage contract, agreement, dotal property, paraphernal property.

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