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Do Mechanoreceptors bear significance in osteoarthritis knee patients?
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K. Nirmal Kumar, U. K. Gupta, S. K. Das, Kalyanapanchakshari Poluri, Vinay Kumar Singh
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Bridge Center
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Prevalence rate of osteoarthritis patients older than 40 years in India and across globe has emerged as a concern for which treatment has become absolute for survival. Empirical evidences and evidence based practices in the last few decades reveals that significant attempts have been made to treat and manage osteoarthritis. These interventions used in treating osteoarthritis have adverse effects as well as, burden of treatment cost due to long duration of treatment. Such interventions though have noticeable short term effects but their long term effects are rarely studied due to a number of problems and issues involved in conducting longitudinal studies. Therefore, the need is felt for increasing efficiency in treatment of osteoarthritis patients, where the present researcher attempted to analyze the role of mechanoreceptors in osteoarthritis knee patients with regard to Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching and Passive Joint Mobilization (PJM). There have been studies on PNF stretching and PJM in India as well as in western world. However these studies were limited by smaller sample size . Hence authors are currently conducting a study with larger sample size to assess effectiveness of PNF stretching and PJM in osteoarthritis of knee joint patients in a tertiary care superspeciality hospital in India. In the context of the designed study, attempt has been made to discuss the conceptual framework on osteoarthritis patients in relation to PNF stretching and PJM in the form of present article as a scholarly contribution.
Keywords :
Mechanoreceptors, osteoarthritis knee patients

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