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Nutrition and Pattern of Food Consumption for Undergraduates Students of Shendi University
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Faroug Bakheit Mohamed Ahmed Elsonni
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This cross sectional study was designed to identify the nutritional status of Shendi University students in as a comparison between campus students and those were living with their families or in outside accommodation. The study was applied randomly on the last year students of Science and Technology College, aged 18 and 25 and unmarried. Clinical investigation (hemoglobin and total protein) and anthropometric measurements (body mass index) were used to achieve the study objective. The study revealed that 52% of samples were living in campus and 48% were living outside of campus. The study revealed that the student’s clinical parameters were influenced by accommodation type, gender, family size, monthly expenditure, daily meals, stimulants intake, and athletic activity. The presence of campus students for long period, especially those who came from distant states where they were staying about four months in the campus, unlike those who came from nearby areas (River Nile State) whom weekly were frequented their families at least. The average income of family so as the monthly expenditure of student has a clear effect on the nutritional status of the students, thus improving the monthly student expense turn reflected in the improvement of food because the high price food is often high nutritional benefits.
Keywords :
Shendi, River Nile State, Hemoglobin, Total protein and Body mass index.

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